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What is “Games of Trade”?


"Games of Trade" is a game to help you learn about the stock market and earn with fun. It is based on gamifying financial markets like the Indian equity market, more popularly known as the share market or stock market. It allows the players to display their knowledge of financial markets and test their equity market investment skills. "Games of Trade" lets players leverage their fundamental and technical analysis skills to select the "Right Scrip at the Right Time". It showcases a variety of contests based on different aspects of the Indian equity markets. The player has to select a contest and compete with other players/teams in a real-time market.

"Games of Trade" will have a wide range of contests being conducted on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This platform will help you improve your knowledge of the Indian financial market while you compete with each other. This is how it works:

  • The player gets to select a team of stocks from the list of stocks in the contest.
  • Each player gets a fixed amount of credits based on the contest they select.
  • They then compete with other teams in live markets.
  • All players get a chance to take calculated and informed decisions about investments in equity markets.

This is how "Games of Trade" gives you a learning platform to get the best returns from the limited amount of investment by applying your knowledge and skills about the market. In simple words, it's a share market game, where the game might be virtual, but the market is real, and so are your knowledge gains.

Knowledge hub

Our app has an in-built “Knowledge Hub”. Its objective is to provide information related to the stock market, collated from various digital platforms. This simplifies the digital learning experience of our users and helps them to win while they learn to pick the "Right Trade at the Right Time". Download the app and avail the benefits of our Knowledge Hub.

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