Games of Trade - Learn actual trading with a fantasy game

If you want to grow your wealth and are looking to start investing, what’s the thought that comes to your mind immediately? Of course, the good old stock market! What’s the second thought that knocks on your mind? Yes, the risk of losing money. What if we told you that you could gain solid knowledge of stock market trading fundamentals without losing money or taking as much risk? Unbelievable, yes? Welcome to the world of stock market fantasy games. Think of these as environments where you can do exactly what you would have done in the real world, except with no risk. Read on to know more!

Stock market fantasy games like “Games of Trade” usually provide features for users where they can pick a collection of stocks, and then track the performance of those stocks in the real-world stock market. Depending on how they perform, you either win or lose the games. The only cost involved is the one that you pay for playing the games. What you get back in return is a better understanding of how the various stocks behave in the market, which stocks work better over short/medium ranges etc. As you play more games, your knowledge of the trading fundamentals gets stronger, thus preparing you to take the big jump and start trading in the actual stock markets.

In a country like India, women are typically entrusted with less money for investment purposes. For them, a game allowing virtual trading is the best option to learn and sharpen their trading skills without spending too much money. Think of it as a tool that empowers them with the knowledge that they otherwise would not have had at all, or would have had to spend a lot of resources or take a lot of risk to acquire. More importantly, this also makes them boost their confidence and risk-taking ability and hence to get on a level playing field with others.

Remember how boring school used to get if you did not like the subject? The variety of contests and stock combinations in  “Games of Trade”. (Hyperlink to makes sure that you don’t get bored while you learn. This keeps your interest alive and your knowledge growing. Thus, when you are finally ready to jump into the real sea, you have learnt swimming and gained the courage to ride the waves. What are you really waiting for? Get ready and take the plunge today!

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