How stock market trading games benefit women

If you have grown up as a typical Indian child (especially a girl), “Games are not good for you, focus on studies” is something you must have heard often. If you are from a middle-class background, money is definitely not something you would be allowed to play with. It is thus obvious that a stock market trading game which involves playing with money is something you would be vary of. But what if we told you that you can combine all three - games, money and learning, AND benefit from it SAFELY? Did we catch your attention? on!

Today we will walk you through the benefits of playing “Games of Trade”, both as a learner and as an investor. By the time you reach the end, we bet you will be rushing to install and play “Games of Trade” app.  (Hyperlink to

Learn to play with fire without burning your fingers

A stock market trading game like "Games of Trade" allows you to get experience in picking the right stocks, observing their performance in the actual market, and learning from it to finetune your trading skills. The fact that you can get this learning for a very small amount instead of actually investing huge sums of money in the market is priceless. Think of it as net practice before playing a match. You can play freely without the fear of getting out.

Start small. Get big.

Many investors, especially women tend to stay away from the stock market as they think of it as too risky. By doing so, they miss out on legitimate opportunities to learn from the markets and using this knowledge to come up with profitable investment strategies. "Games of Trade" allows you to learn hugely valuable lessons at a small price. You can play the “big game” without spending big money. Once you feel confident enough, you can trade stocks in the market using the insights gained. This allows you to maximise your potential and train your risk appetite to find the happy balance between risks and rewards.

Time = Money

Unlike the actual financial markets where you need to be prompt and react to the swings in the market to guard your investment, "Games of Trade" allows you to know the results of your investment strategies without needing to spend too much time tracking the market. This means that you can get more knowledge of how your stock picks behave in the market without the associated stress and spending time sitting in front of a monitor, wondering what’s happening to your money.

Get in early. Learn faster.

It can be a tough task to master the jargon and processes which come along with investing in stock markets, especially if you are young. However, the gamification experience of "Games of Trade" means that getting the trading experience is a matter of a few taps and clicks rather than days and days of intense study. This allows you to start off early and improve with time so that when the time comes to play the real game, you are ready and raring to go.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out Games of Trade today, and enter the world of stocks. Making money can be fun too, you know?