Follow these simple steps to PLAY
and WIN in our stock market trading game.




GoT Mantra: More Teams, More Wins!

More the number of teams you create, more are your chances of winning. The steps below explain how to play Games of Trade (with screenshots) after successfully registering with the Games of Trade mobile application.


After successful registration with Games of Trade


  • Login with your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the password that you used while registering with the app.
  • Note: If you have forgotten your password, please use the Forgot Password link to change your password.

Join Contest


  • Tap the Join Contest button on the banner.
  • Go through the Upcoming Contests section to select a contest of your choice from the list of contests. Alternatively, you can also select a contest of your choice from the Popular Contests section and continue to create a team.

Stocks Selection

Select the stocks which you believe will perform well during the live market for the day of the contest.


  • Each contest will have a specific number of stocks that you can select. You can view the count under the Stocks Selected section.
  • The total points of the selected stocks should be equal to or less than 100. You can view the number of points in the Total Points section.

Choose star performer

Choose a Star Performer stock who you think will perform the best amongst the selected stocks.


  • The Star Performer stock gives you twice the number of points of its total score during the live market session, if it is the best performer among your list of selected stocks.
  • Save your team and continue to Join the Contest..

Join the contest

Your team is now ready to join the contest. Tap on Join Contest to join the selected contest.


Your team has now joined the contest. Once again, remember the Games of Trade mantra: More Teams = More Wins!


  • Tap the Add Team button and follow the same steps as above to add more teams and increase your chances of winning.
  • If you wish to edit the team before the entry to this contest expires, you can view and edit the team under the My Contest menu at the bottom of the screen in the Upcoming Contests tab.